Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Use of widgets for App lock in android

Widgets in Android can be used for instant access to apps or functions in the mobile.
It has many advantages in the smartphones.

Monday, 7 December 2015

How to categories the post based on the topic

ImageBefore reading this post hope you have created your blog. Now the question is have you limited urself only to one topic if yes then not to worry all your post will be with same topic and will be displayed under home page, now the question is if you have chosen multiple topic then all your posts would be mixed up in the home page creating a little bit of confusion with mixed topics so categorising the post becomes necessary as it helps the readers to find easily on what topic they are looking for in your blog.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

How to add or delete author or admin in blogger

In this post let us see how to add the Authors for your blogs or give the Admin rights to your blog.

Friday, 4 December 2015

How to delete your blog?

Hi, once you know how to Create your first blog in blogger.com you also must me aware of how to delete the created blog. Because some times while trying out the first blog something might go wrong and you feel that the blog is to be modified or delete completely so that it is not published in the website.Also you might have 100 of blogs out which some are rarely used or might got too old and to keep up your dashboard look organised you need to delete some of the blogs. At this point you don't know how to do it but don't worry here is the step by step procedure to delete the blog which is created.

Step by step procedure to delete the blog

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Create your first blog in blogger.com

Hi, having searched and reading about many blogs I thought why not to create my own blog and share about my experience and little bit of knowledge what I have gained from all these days about blogs and have decided to write my first blog and would like share my experience while creating my blog in WWW.blogger.com.

Blogger is a platform to publish the blog which is owned by Google. Blogger give the platform to create a free blog and host the blogs at its sub domain blogspot.com at free of cost. You can also get your own domain like .com, .org etc with annual fees. There are many other platforms for creating blog for example wordpress, tumblr etc for time being let us concentrate on blogger.com.

The reason for writing on blogger.com is I really found it user friendly compared to other platform so I would like to suggest for beginners to try first in bloggers to learn and improve your blog writing and webpage designing skills through bloggers.com.

Many questions arise in your mind before creating the blog and may get stuck up at the first step i.e how to create the blog account, So I thought to write about step by step involved in creating a blog through blogger.com.

Step by step process of creating a blog page is explained below